Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Before taking any state-sponsored vaccine, it may be worth asking yourself: what caused this problem in the first place? Who is going to profit from this health anxiety? It may be also be worth posing the question: why is the profit motive the real enemy?

Let’s take a brief look at the pharmaceutical industry who we believe are meant to ensure the safety of drugs, and protect the public.

Awareness campaigns are commonly employed by drug companies to gain further control over what medicines are being prescribed, and to whom. GPs tend to be the path of least resistance and often say ‘yes’ to patients, prescribing drugs even though they feel it may not be the most appropriate thing to do. Often companies withhold unfavourable trial results and control what research gets published, ensuring that doctors get whichever message the company wants to promote. The State is usually in collusion, especially in times when they have no credibility, and are looking further to bolster its projected ‘caring role’ to the general public.

Still keen for the vaccine?

Usually it takes years of trials for a popular medicine to be seen as being safe, yet the new vaccine for the swine ‘flu arriving in Britain has been approved within five days, its side effects as yet unknown. Its clinical trials involved a ‘mock-up’ vaccination and, guess what, it will be introduced to the general population, while regulators continue to carry out simultaneous clinical trials. But don’t worry – whatever the nasty side effects may turn out to be, there’ll surely be on hand companies to sell us dodgy drugs for those, too.

A mass vaccination campaign against swine ‘flu was halted in the 1970s after people started suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a disorder effecting the nervous system. Yep, that’s right, swine ‘flu isn’t a new thing. The meat industry then, as it is now, is still profiting from the misery of non-human animals, at the expense of our health.

This is where we come to the cause of swine ‘flu. Smithfields Foods, Inc. are the world’s largest industrial pork producer and processor; operations of this thoughtless industry take place in Mexico, Romania, Poland, the UK, China and throughout Europe. Mexico has been cited as the source of the current infection.

Smithfields have come under criticism for storing millions of gallons of faecal material, untreated, in holding ponds. Chemicals and infectious compounds from swine and poultry waste are able to migrate into soil and water nearby. These migrating compounds can have serious effects on human health.

The role of the pharmaceutical companies is simply to exploit the situation presented by the potential of a pandemic. The process is, in principle, simple: take a virus, incubate and then kill it, dilute it, then inject it into the population. Capitalism does not have public health as its priority; its priority is to obtain profit with as low a cost and effort as possible.

The outbreak of swine ‘flu illustrates the interaction between the global capitalists. Thing is, these people may think they’re able to control us and our minds, but they cannot command and control viruses and bacteria. The industry mode of Capitalism is the real flaw: it’s their economy that’s sick, and it’s about time we killed it.

So, a suggestion… Don’t take their shit. Swine ‘flu can e fatal, nobody is denying its existence. But by managing the Media, the State has already marginalized protest. There is no conspiracy here, unless the greed of bankers and businessmen can be called conspiracy. There is no conspiracy here, unless business practices and the failure to consider anything other than profit can be called conspiracy. And if there is no conspiracy, then surely it shows the incompetence of these people, and surely a vaccine against them would be much more suitable.

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