Monday, 28 May 2012


B.A.N.'s successors set up their own website:

"(A) collective of anarchist and radical libertarian activists based around the Bath area and its satellites, committed to bringing about positive change in our lives and beyond. We operate without hierarchy or leaders, and are against all forms of exploitation and oppression, particularly the bosses and govermint. Remember, kids: Capitalism is Chaos, Anarchy is Order."

See the link below:

Monday, 23 April 2012

Bath Activist Network is now a defunct organisation, but had a healthy and riotous existence, and regrets almost nothing. Until the end of days, check out Bath People's Assembly, Bath Anti-Cuts Alliance, Black and Red Federation, Bath Animal Action and Bath Anarchist Revolutionary Forces! "But it was worse when we turned to the kids on the left, and got let down again by some poor excuse for protest by idiot fucking hippies in 50 different factions, who are locked inside some kind of 60's battle re-enactment. And I hung-up my banner in disgust and I head for the door"