Saturday, 23 May 2009

BNP sucessfully resisted in Bath!

Nearly 100 people responded to a call out from Bath Activist Network to protest a hustings meeting featuring the fascist BNP. The demo was a huge sucess, seeing the front doors blockaded for nearly two hours, preventing the meeting from going ahead. The majority of speakers due to represent their parties pulled out of the meeting and opted to speak on the street instead, many making the descision to do so on the night. A tiny mob of fascists turned up and made a pitiful attempt to force their way in before giving up and spending the rest of the night moaning to the police (one of whom had an anti-BNP leaflet mysteriously taped to his back). The blockade ended when the police demanded that the demo move out of the public view - protesters unanimously refused, and the blockade was violently broken up allowing the fascists entry to a deserted building, as the real democracy was in full swing on the streets! In an interesting side note, members of the public let protesters know that the police were desribing us as 'scum' and we have some interesting video footage of BNP highups haveing a private chat and a laugh with high up cops. The BNP requested that once the blockade was ended, they should be allowed to move in en masse - a request that the police were all too willing to faclitate. The back patting and obvious mutual support between the cops and nazis was sickening, but on the jight the facts spoke for themselves - Public support was overwhelmingly in favour of the blockade, and the 'no platform for fascists' position. It is impossible for the BNP to publicly advertise, or hold a meeting without protection from the police and a huge and angry reaction from the vast majority of the public. Well done to everyone who turned up and showed once again that the BNP are not welcome in Bath.

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