Thursday, 8 October 2009

Direct action stations! - Government green lights Bathampton park and ride!

The Government office of the South west have denied a public enquiry into the concreting of bathampton Meadows, meaning the councils original green (ha ha) light for the project still stands. It also looks like the Rapid transit route ,which ploughs through a nature reserve and dozens of back gardens (aquired by compulsory purchase orders - forcing the garden owners to hand over the land) has got the go ahead. The meadows are home to bats, foxes, badgers, herons and cormorants, not to mention being a beautiful green space right on our doorstep, and not forgetting the fact that concreting over important floodplains has led to tradgedy elsewhere (including the massive floods in Gloustershire a couple of years back). This decision is pretty bad news, but it is what we expected from greedy and corrupt politicians. The battle is not over, but now we are fighting on more familiar territory - direct action and protest. There will hopefully be a public meeting very soon involving BAN and other groups opposed to the plans, so lets start dreaming up some crazy schemes to save the meadows now! As is often the case, appealing to the good side of politicians has failed (largely due to politicians not having a good side), so now it is up to the enraged population of Bath, who put ecology and community before profit to jam a spanner in the works of this stupid and ecocidal scheme once and for all!

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