Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Lax security lets BAN meet Cameron!

Last week saw everyones least favourite toff scumbag David Cameron (you know, that bloke who wants to bring back foxhunting, slash public spending, give more of our cash to the bankers, dismantle the NHS, concrete over Bathampton Meadows etc etc) visit Bath for an 'open' meeting. In fact, to get into the meeting, you had to pre-book, provide ID (despite the tories allegedly being against ID) and submit to various security checks and approval from the local tory branch leader. These best laid plans were ruined however, by an anonymous whistle blower who contacted BAN with the time and location of the meeting. This information was then 'accidentally' plastered all over the internet, and before long, both BAN and the Save Bathampton Meadows crew had called protests! With only a day to organise the protests, and with most BANners being in Bristol for the co-mutiny demo, the turnout was pretty decent, involving around 20 assorted malcontents and a large police presence which stuck with, and far outnumbered the BAN contingent. The protest gained support from the general public, but not the lads and ladies queing to get into the meeting, literally all of whom were obviously from a certain class (we'll give you a clue, it wasn't working or middle!). The protest passed peacefully, and as the BAN contingent were about to call it a night, a posh comb-over in a suit (evidently the bloke who put on the event) appeared behind a locked gate and told the cops to make sure that no BANners got inside. The police smugly replied that they had the situation under control, and the BAN activists, who had been preparing to go home smaelt a challenge. As it happened, dodging security was more than easy, and within minutes, and right under the noses of the dozy plod, 2 activists were over the wall and into the 'Cameron compound'. As heckling was about to begin, the BANners were accosted by a posh bloke in a tweed suit, issuing commands in what was either posh apeak that the rest of us aren't privvy to, or gibberish! However, the handcuffs and equiptment on his belt got the message across, and BAN left the building, stopping only to ask the cops who had promised not to let them in for the keys to the gate. Much hilarity followed as the cops got confused about the law, ranted about foie-gras and desperatley tried to concoct a reason to arrest the activists. having set alarm bells rining at Camerons Eton reunion and confounded the local cops (again), the protest faded into the night for a well earned pint!

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