Friday, 3 April 2009

G20 - we had a smashing time!

Just a quick report - The G20 is over and, as expected, has failed to come up with a cure for the global recession blues. The best our glorious leaders can come up with is throwing an extra £765 billion at the IMF, the same corrupt institution that is responsible for the free market economics and related starvation/exploitation that makes the majority of the world poor in the first place. Eager to suggest a world free of capitalist exploitation, around 10,000 protesters gathered in London to make their voices heard. The results? A huge street party, a 2,000 strong climate camp in the city, several trashed banks, including RBS HQ, a dose of police brutality and a fair amount of angry rioting that succeeded in running rings around the cops despite an £8 million security operation including 5,000 cops from 30 forces. The murderers claimed the life of passerby Ian Tomlinson, tragically caught up in the police's violence, and for that we offer our grief and solidarity, but have some doubts that those uniformed thugs will learn from it. The demo showed the rage that people are feeling about being taken for mugs by bankers, politicians and fatcats - the message was clear - NO MORE! But the question is, where do we go from here?

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