Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Demo reports - Bath weekend of Rage!

Proceedings kicked off on the Friday with a visit to our local Ford garage in Solidarity with the sacked Ford/Visteon workers. During the demo, we handed out loads of leaflets and got plenty of support and beeping horns from passing drivers and pedestrians. More info on the Visteon workers and their struggle can be found at

The following day, BAN split their forces, sending nearly 15 activists to the world day for lab animals in London, and 1 to the Swindon vs Bristol Rovers derby game - resulting in a resounding 2-1 win for the mighty Swindon. Anyways.....

On Sunday we were all back in Bath and holding an anti police brutality demo. Once again, it was well supported by the public and attracted around 15 activists. The cops, who were treated to a chalk redecoration of the front of their station (see pics) kept a shockingly low profile throughout the demo, possibly aware of the consequences of being seen to repress an anti-repression demo! Some good chats were had with the public, many of whom were sympathetic, or had first hand experience of police mistreatment (leaflets went down particularly well with people leaving the station!).

All in all, the weekend proved to be a sucess. Both demos were totally unauthorised by the autorities, and we intend to keep it that way!

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