Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Israel out of Gaza! - Bath protest this Saturday! (17/1/09)

As the ground incursion in Gaza intensifies, our resistance must invrease as well. Bath has held several vigils for Palestine, but this Saturday will see the first protest march - and who knows, there might be a few suprises in store for some corporate baddies.
On Saturday 17th of January, Bath Activist Network, Bath Stop the War Coalition and other groups will be joining together to demonstrate against the continued Israeli assault on Gaza. The emergency demonstration will begin at Abbey Courtyard at 12.30 before moving through Bath city centre. Since the Israeli assault began nearly three weeks ago, nearly 1,000 Palestinians, over one third of them children, have been killed, over 3,000 wounded and tens of thousands displaced. In the last five years, 5,000 Palestinians have lost their lives to Israeli attacks. The protest in Bath will be one of dozens happening across the UK. Bristol recently saw a 500-strong protest, London has seen nightly demos, with two numbering 50,000 and 75,000, and Frome recently had a 35-strong march. We hope to be joined by anti-war groups, faith groups and locals concerned at the ongoing genocide waged by Israel against the Palestinian people. In addition to the protest, we hope to encourage people to boycott companies directly involved in financing the Israeli government and the associated war crimes. If you can make it along, or if you have any queries, please email us at bathactivistnet@yahoo.co.uk. Please spread info about this demo as widely as possible - lets make it impressive!See y'all there!

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