Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Get yer latest Bath Bomb!


Issue #17 out now!

This month's action-packed installment includes the following dirt:

* All the latest on local resistance to the recession

* Updates on the foie gras campaign

* 'Bubbling Under' monthly radical cinema - The Battle of Trafalgar & Sir Yes Sir

* Resistance in Greece

* Buy Nothing Day

* Tesco expansion

* BNP membership leak

* Bath Vegan Fayre review

* National climate march

* Upcoming events

* & much, much more!

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THE BATH BOMB #16/Nov '08 ('We won't pay for their Crisis!' campaign launch, Bubbling Under - Nude Girls Unite, foie gras, Bath Vegan Fayre, hunt sabotage, Save Bathampton Meadows, Aldermaston blockade, squat defence, the demise of Envolve, stop the bail-outs, and analysis of the Shut ITT demo)

THE BATH BOMB #15/Oct '08 (launch of Bath radical lending library, protest at Labour Party Conference in Manchester, Bubbling Under - Bombs and Batons & Can't Complain, Ian's Blair's resignation, Shut ITT, media bias, Nazis in Somerset, ID cards, fuel poverty, foie gras)

THE BATH BOMB #14/Sep '08 (resistance to Red, White & Blue fest, Tesco update, action against surveillance, CCTV updates, Are all cops really bastards?, freedom of movement, BIA sabotage, Bubbling Under - Climate Camp, self-transformation)

THE BATH BOMB #13/Aug '08 (birthday edition - media monopolies, Camp for Climate Action, police harrassment, women & climate change, Roots of Change, Bristol Anarchist Bookfair)

THE BATH BOMB #12/July '08 (action against coal, Tesco resistance, sexist advertising, pigs off our streets, badger cull & foie gras, Mad Pride Day, naked bike ride, G8 in Japan, Are all cops bastards?, the IOM)

THE BATH BOMB #11/June '08 (Rolf Harris protest, 'There is such thing as a free lunch!', Bristol Vegan Fayre, foie gras premature celebrations, Carnival Against the Arms Trade, Tesco at Bath Press, Bath Bomb benefit bash, Bubbling Under - J18, IOM pickets, poison alert)

THE BATH BOMB #10/May '08 (Bath Freeze, demise of the 78, Topshop labour abuse demo, advertising & self-image, foie gras sabotage, teacher strike, freeganism, saved green space, Boris Johnson, SHAC demo)

THE BATH BOMB #9/April '08 (Bubbling Under - Breaking the Spell & pacifism debate, 'On the Verge', Fossil Fuels day, rapid transit on the cycle path, anmal rights, birth of the 78, anti-war march, squatting, Aldermaston blockade, foie gras news)

THE BATH BOMB #8/March '08 (Fairtrade Fortnight, Tesco update, FreeShop expansion, RUH attack, foie gras update, Harry in Iraq, 'On The Verge' anouncement, post office closures, Topshop protest)

THE BATH BOMB #7/February '08 (Tesco at Bathwick, skip-diving, Bubbling Under - Power of Community, foie gras update, rail fare 'strike', affordable housing, rich white ghetto tensions, police pay strike)

THE BATH BOMB #6/January '08 (Tesco update, Letinov Steam Circus eviction, 2007 review, foie gras update, rail fare action, climate march in London, Bubbling Under - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, dawn raid disruption)

THE BATH BOMB #5/Dec '07 (anti-fascism in Oxford, demise of Bristle mag, attack on Station Kebab Shop, hunt sabotage, Reclaim the High Street, SHAC demo, biodiesel schoolbuses, Bubbling Under - The Yes Men)

THE BATH BOMB #4/Nov '07 (RBS protest, disabled access in Bath, bodge the badger cull, ethical consumerism, Cadbury's closure, BNP in Oxford, Bubbling Under - Behind The Mask, Harrods demo & London Anarchist Bookfair, MP's incomes)

THE BATH BOMB #3/Oct '07 (Southgate Centre, Cut the Carbon, workers' rights, fur patrols, nuclear consultation, RBS, Bubbling Under, Cadbury's closure, Go Veggie Month, fox hunting trivia)

THE BATH BOMB #2/Sept '07 (police tazers, KFC demo, Camp for Climate Action report, arms companies in Bath, No Borders camp, foie gras update, Mosque attack, Bubbling Under - V for Video Activist)

THE BATH BOMB #1/July & Aug '07 (BNP in Bath, foie gras campaign, Tesco campaign, Western Riverside development, Climate Camp injunction, democracy & activism)

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