Thursday, 26 May 2011

Calling All Squatters!

Got any positive, funny or random stories from your squatting experiences?

We're putting together an exhibition and zine with positive squatting
stories to contradict and show the other side to squatting, to the one
regurgitated again and again by the mainstream media.

Wherever you squatted, be it Brixton or Kurdistan, or whether you squat
now or you did in the 70s, any positive stories are welcomed -- the more
varied in time & place the better. Some of the stories we have so far
include from after the second world war when families took refuge by
squatting abandoned army barracks, as so many homes had be bombed in the
blitz, as well as some stories of how newly arrived Asian families to
Britain gave up the council housing they had received to squat together in
empty estates to avoid the racial abuse they were suffering.

Your stories don't have to be this extreme though, anything that is
positive, funny or in some way a success of managing to stick it up to the
landlords or a successful use of squatting for a protest or campaign, is
very much welcomed. The stories don't have to be your own experiences but
can be ones of friends, or ones you've heard, just so long as they are

Any good pictures you might have that can accompany the stories would be
brilliant too. Also, if you have pictures of transformations you've made
turning a destroyed building into a beautiful home, they would also be
really appreciated. Of course you can be completely anonymous from
anything you contribute.

Email stories & stuff to homemade[at]

Many thanks!

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