Monday, 1 November 2010

Together, we can...


* Save our services!
* Fight for every job!
* Hands off our retirement!
People and communities before profit and privatistion!

'Bankers, Politicians, Fatcats - We Won't Pay For Their Crisis!'

Protest! @ -

B&NES (Tory) cabinet meeting to plan the cuts - Wednesday 3rd Nov from 4pm, outside the Guildhall, Bath

B&NES full council meeting to vote on the cuts - Tuesday 16th Nov from 5.30pm, outside the Guildhall, Bath


It's time to fight back against the cuts!

The Con-Dem spending review hs now been released, and it is as bad as everyone expected. By rsing our retirement age, freezing our wages, worsening our pensions and destroying our much needed public and community services, this government has introduced a spending review that hits the poorest and most vulnerable in society hardest, and leaves the rich and the bankers unscathed.

While we suffer, the Sunday Times rich list reported that the richest 1,000 UK citizens have seen their wealth increase by £77 billion over the past year. This increase alone would be enough to pay for the Tory budget measures AND leave those 1,000 individuals £38 million each better off than last year! Tax increases for businesses and the super rich and the shutting down of tax loopholes, as well as getting troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and scrapping Trident could also heal the deficit, but the budget has more to do with the old Tory policies of privatisation, public sector cuts and looking out for their rich mates, than it does about helping average people (the current cabinet has 18 millionaires and 53% went to private school).

What can we do to stop these cuts?

Up and down the country, a massive campaign has been started to defend our services and fight back against the cuts. We can win, but we need as many people as possible to stand up against the Tory cuts and defend their jobs and communities.

In Bath, the Bath Anti Cuts Alliance has already held several large and effective meetings and protests. two important upcoming protests are listed above.

To get involved in the campaign, or to let us know about cuts in your workplace or community, email us at bathagainstcuts[at]

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