Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Open Mic at the Black cat - Friday 12th March

On the evening of Friday the 12th, The Black Cat centre will be holding its first ever open mic night, compered by everyones favourite French transvestite Madame Hatter. For more info, drop us an email at bathsocialcentre@gmail.com

Here's the invite from the Madame herself -

Friday 12th of March, 7.06 PM

Heya oh teaheads and banditos!

Should you be prudish puddings, freak frogs, vegan vultures, breakfast brutes and funky fruits, bang poets or junk poets or even just plain poets, blue cabbages and pink trumpets, merry-go-round travellers or magic roundabout surfers and hulla-hoop singers, studious students and naughty rodents, squatterpillars or passers-by, funny flapping flowers or blooming butterflies, party people or bursting bubbles, the usual crows and so many more if you're hungry for the encore... You are all invited to the first edition of MADAME HATTER'S SCABROUS CABARET for a night of sweet delirium open to all sorts of performers, artists, poets, musicians and story-tellers...

The Black Cat has currently hold of a massive gig space with a bar, a sound system, a grand piano and even a toilet for you to play with! Roof is high and acoustics much refined, come rock and trash the space and time with paint and taste, we wouldn't mind!

We can be found opposite Pickfords on Lower Bristol Road, The Black Cat is behind a little red door and you are all welcome! Bring a guitar, bring a poem, or just bring yourself for a friendly evening of the arts ^.^

She's slim and slimy and could easily break into your pipery,
Beware of Madame Hatter coz' of decadence she's the plumber... C]:o)

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