Monday, 14 December 2009

Action Stations - come and stop the Black Cat eviction - Weds 16th Dec - 11am

We've just received our eviction notice. The bailiffs are due around at 11am on this Wednesday, the 16th December.
After a really sucessful few months, the owners have decided to try and evict the Black Cat social centre - but the occupiers have decided not to go quietly. In the 3 months that it has been operating, the black cat has been home to dance classes, open days, a library, a cafe, film nights, a freeshop, a massive benefit gig raising hundreds for local causes and more - we are not going to let that go to waste because of corporate greed.
We desperately need people to help with resisting the eviction, either to be in the house and be difficult to remove, or to film the bailiffs to ensure compliance with the law, or to protest in solidarity outside. This being Bath's only autonomous social space, it's important for us to send a message to the authorities and landowners that they can't just sweep us aside.

The Social Centre Collective can be contacted at, or on 07794 774 938
We are planning a peaceful solidarity demo outside the building, as well as resistance inside. We have almost unlimited crash space, so come on down and help save a space that has become valued by local residents, activists or otherwise.

You can find us at -
The Black Cat Centre
7-10 Kelso Place, upper bristol rd, Bath

Please distribute this message widely.

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