Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Update on the Twerton squat

Following on from recent events at the Twerton squat, things seem to have calmed down a little bit. With more residents moving in, and interior structural work well and truly underway, the building seems to be back in our hands. It has been over a week since the authorities last attempted to threaten eviction and, after a 16 strong solidarity demo, the only interaction the residents have had with the law has been frequent chats with Twetons beat manager. The transport police seem to have realised that they cannot act with impunity and have not yet acted on their clearly illegal eviction warning. With any luck the building will soon be open to the public as a space to hang out, meet, read, plot and organise and a number of ideas for workshops etc are already being developed. Oh, and the building now has a name. Borne from the fact that it doesn't appear on land registry maps, the squat has provisionally beejn christened 'Off the map'. More info as it arrives.

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